The Connecticut Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf is proud to present.


Becoming an interpreter is a journey. Each interpreter follows a different path reaching his/her goals. CRID is proud to offer, “NEXT”- a program designed to allow each pre-certified or certified interpreter a path to their own “NEXT” steps.

It is important for any training entity to offer a systematic, thoughtfully designed developmental process in order to encourage a well-rounded, capable Sign Language Interpreter. This program promotes and offers training options that by its design resembles “stepping stones” that provide participants a wide variety of opportunities to professionally enhance their current proficiency skill levels.

To this end, a variety of factors that are important to the success of this program include, an initial individualized assessment resulting in suggestions/recommendations for follow up training options. Each stepping stone is designed to move the interpreter forward toward his/her own goal.

So..... “What’s “NEXT” for YOU?

Pro-Bono Interpreter Pool


What is PIP?

PIP (Pro-Bono Interpreter Pool) attempts to link willing interpreter resources with persons or organizations in need of sign language interpretation that are otherwise inaccessible and for a variety of reasons may not be able to access services through traditional means. It is comprised of members of CRID who are willing to provide pro bono and volunteer services to those in need. There is no guarantee of service,but best efforts will be made to fulfill appropriate requests.

To become a member of PIP or request services, please email